Chiropractic Care

Pain, performance & prevention

Dr. Glowaki is recognized as an expert in a wide variety of specialties. These include sports injury, whiplash, carpal tunnel, care for children and pregnant women.  Many patients have avoided surgeries under Dr. Glowaki's care and have been shown techniques to ensure a healthy lifestyle beyond their initial complaint. We strive to get our patients out of pain have them live a performance based lifestyle. Chiropractic care in our office is for more than pain.

As the former Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce President, Dr. Glowaki has established himself as a reputable fixture in the community.  Dr. Glowaki was named California Chiropractor of The Year in 2008 out of 12,000 chiropractors.

Glowaki Chiropractic prides itself on a natural approach to health. Our goal is to find drugless solutions in a health care system that is loaded with pharmaceutical solutions. We believe that health is an inside job and we will help teach you what your role is to regain and maintain ongoing health.  

We provide the care and the body does the healing.​

Auto Injury Care 

Many patients have told us that they are grateful they got in a motor vehicle accident, because it led them into our office. After being in an accident, we highly encourage you to immediately come see us!

Often the injuries go unreported and the people involved in the accident fail to seek proper health care. Injuries sustained at high speeds have long been recognized as being very threatening to the body. However, what most do not realize is that the lower impact collisions usually cause the most damage. This is due to a simple factor- neglect. With impacts between the speeds of 8-20 mph, the force that is actually exerted on the head can be well over 11G and can result in brain stem injuries in over one half of car accident victims.

The bumps and bruises received in read-end collisions and fender benders can have a serious effect on the body. Although they may not cause pain right away, they cause misalignments in the spine. With time, the misaligned vertebrae can have devastating degenerative effects on the bones, the discs, and the nerves in the involved areas. The lack of pain immediately following a low impact collision tends to allow a more serious problem to spinal decay. This is the reason why all people involved in any kind of auto injury accident, regardless of speed, should be checked by a chiropractor. 

Dr. Glowaki is an expert in auto-related injuries and has ample information regarding the long-term effects that follow an accident. He is also very adept in the legal aspect of injuries which will allow for minimal stress and involvement from the patient regarding their accident. 

Our patients who were injured in an auto accident have seen amazing results including:

  • Alleviated neck pain

  • Alleviated back pain

  • Alleviated whiplash symptoms 

Have you recently been involved in an auto accident?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, which includes any necessary x-rays. Our team will guide you through the legal aspect of your auto related injuries.

We are here for you!

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