Chiropractic Care

Pain, performance & prevention

Dr. Glowaki is recognized as an expert in a wide variety of specialties. These include sports injury, whiplash, carpal tunnel, care for children and pregnant women.  Many patients have avoided surgeries under Dr. Glowaki's care and have been shown techniques to ensure a healthy lifestyle beyond their initial complaint. We strive to get our patients out of pain have them live a performance based lifestyle. Chiropractic care in our office is for more than pain.  

As the former Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce President, Dr. Glowaki has established himself as a reputable fixture in the community.  Dr. Glowaki was named California Chiropractor of The Year in 2008 out of 12,000 chiropractors.

Glowaki Chiropractic prides itself on a natural approach to health. Our goal is to find drugless solutions in a health care system that is loaded with pharmaceutical solutions. We believe that health is an inside job and we will help teach you what your role is to regain and maintain ongoing health.  

We provide the care and the body does the healing.​

Athlete Care 

At Glowaki Chiropractic we are experts when it comes to athlete care, from children to professionals.  Whether you are experiencing pain, looking to enhance your performance or taking preventative measures when it comes to sports, we can help you! One of our goals as a team is to enhance our patient’s athletic performance and help them achieve their ambitions. We do this through listening first, then creating a customized care plan to meet each individual’s specific needs. In order to help our athletes, we provide the tools and the body does the healing. Our plan will focus on improvement through correcting misalignment of the spine, which is known as a subluxation. Then, we promote healing with adjustments, stretches and re-education to nervous system, in order to move you towards a lifetime of wellness to keep you having the quality and quantity of years that you deserve.

Our team works closely with many professional athletes including:

  • Misty May-Treanor: 3-time Beach Volleyball Olympic Gold Medalist   

  • Brooks Orpik: Former NHL Defenseman & 2-time Stanley Cup Winner

  • Josh Hamilton: 5-time MLB All-Star & American League MVP in 2010

  • Christian Yelich: MLB Outfielder, 1st Round 2010 MLB Draft

  • Geena Urgano: Pro Beach Volleyball AVP Tour

  • Matt Treanor: Played 20 years in pro baseball, 10 in the MLB

  • Je'Von Ward: Outfielder in the Brewers Organization 

                    We also have many patients who are local high school stars & soon to be professionals!

Dr. Glowaki & Misty May-Treanor
Dr. Glowaki adjusting Geena Urango
Brooks Orpik, Dr. Glow &Dr. Anderson
H.S. Football Star Cade McConnell
H.S. Lacrosse Star Peyton Smith
Brooks Orpik with Stanley Cup
H.S. Softball Star Taryn Clements
Michelle Bartsch-Hackley Pro VB
Misty May- Treanor Pro Beach VB
Brooks Orpik, Matt Treanor &Dr. Glow
Dr. Glowaki & Josh Hamilton
Matt Treanor & Dr. Glowaki
Je'Von Ward-Patient & Brewers Player

Athletes of all sports, ages and levels can greatly benefit under our care. If you are an athlete, we’d love to see what we can do to help you enhance your game.

13001 Seal Beach Blvd, Suite 300

Seal Beach, CA 90740


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H.S. Softball Star Taryn Clements